Exhibition time: September 2019

Venue: Mandalay Las Vegas Bay Convention Center

Exhibition cycle: one year

Exhibition industry: two wheeled vehicles, bicycles, electric bicycles, etc

The American bicycle association

Exhibition profile:

The Las Vegas International Bicycle Exhibition (INTER BIKE) held since 1982, has become one of the famous international bicycle exhibition, America is the largest bicycle professional exhibition, exhibition in the United states. Exhibition of the size of more than 61 thousand square meters, more than 1 thousand and 500 exhibitors, visitors to the exhibition industry professionals 28000 people, including retailers, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, etc.. Exhibition of international influence, professional strong, as the world's leading manufacturers of bicycle industry is the best place to release new products. In North America, North America, and South America is the trade volume of China's bicycle export enterprises every year the largest area, which makes the Interbike become one of the domestic exhibition enterprise will participate in the exhibition. 60 Chinese mainland enterprises exhibitors, including vehicle, mountain bike, electric cars, racing accessories, ordinary bicycle accessories, clothing, helmets, sound and light electronics, electric car batteries, children's car, fitness equipment and other manufacturers.

Exhibits range:

Off-road vehicles, mountain bike, sports car, baby stroller, car BMX, car, electric bicycle, electric tricycle, electric scooter, bicycle parts and riding tour, supporting the movement of clothing, bags, tools and other products and related accessories (helmets, lock), sports apparel, safety warning products etc.

market prospect

According to the latest data released by the Federal Highway Administration shows that Americans in recent 30 years, the highway mileage kilometers decreased for the first time, many people choose to bike travel, which makes the United States has always been a resurgence of low-spirited bicycle market. It is understood that in the past few years, the United States annual sales of about 18 million bicycles, with an average annual sales of about $6 billion, the industry is expected to be a substantial increase in sales of the year. Mainland China and Taiwan are still the main import market for the United States, in which the number of Chinese imports of bicycles is an absolute majority. Therefore, China's bicycle export situation is good.
North American bicycle, electric car needs to pick up, according to the U.S. Bureau of statistics data show that the output of the United States exports increased significantly, the demand for motorcycles in Canada rose to 7% in September. North America is expected to grow by 8%-13% in the third quarter. Mexico and other countries affected by the economic crisis, the growth rate of demand for motorcycles. The North American electric vehicle policy after September 2009, the U.S. National blossom everywhere, has issued a series of policies to encourage consumers to buy electric cars, encourage green series, electric vehicle engine. Policy includes the issuance of different levels of consumers to purchase subsidies. Preferential low tax revenue for electric vehicle manufacturers. Encourage research and development of electric vehicles, etc.

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